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Nintendo's Wii gaming system has quickly become one of the hottest trend...
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Buying Guide

Nintendo's Wii gaming system has quickly become one of the hottest trends on the market since it's release in late 2006. With over 50 million units sold and immense amounts of media time, this is a system that both young and old, gamers and non-gamers can get into and enjoy. What should you look for when going to buy a new game to enjoy? Well, let's take a quick look!

The genre of the game will probably be the number one thing you'll want to consider. What styles of games do you enjoy playing? Chances are you aren't going to go and buy a game you know you won't enjoy! There's a ton of genres out there ranging from adventure, to racing, military, puzzle, etc. Just like buying a new music CD, make sure you find a genre what will appeal most to you so you aren't wasting your money!

The Wii handles multi-player games in two main ways; either locally with several players and controllers on one unit or through the internet where you can game with people from literally anywhere in the world! If you're buying a multi-player game to play at home with your friends, then make sure the game will support as many people as you plan on having play. The Wii itself can handle up to four Wii Remotes connected to it, but some games will only support a maximum of two players regardless of the system's limit. When it comes to online gaming the number of simultaneous players rises significantly. Depending on the game and game style, it will often range from 2 users up to 12+ users in a single game. Games allowing larger numbers of players may have every player working for themselves or group players into teams.

If you're buying a "family" game or a game for younger children, then make sure you check into the game's rating before buying. Even games that seem "family friendly" may have underlying sexual content or violence that you don't want your younger children to be faced with yet. Game ratings are found on the back of most games as well as online.

There you have it! Now go take a dive, put a blindfold on and buy yourself a new Wii game. You might just find something you really enjoy but would have never purchased before!


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