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5 Best Premium TVs

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  1. Panasonic-tx-p50st50.33324480

    Panasonic TX-P50ST50

    Best Price: £1,199.99
    (1 prices)

    The display alternately shows images for the left and right eyes
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    (46 scores)
    • design, good image quality, all-round performance, wide viewing angles, fair value
  2. Tvs.46126
    (87 scores)
    • good image quality
  3. Panasonic-tx-p65vt50.33324454

    Panasonic TX-P65VT50

    Best Price: £2,799.99
    (1 prices)

    Active Shutter Progressive 3D 2,500Hz Focused Field Drive *
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    (49 scores)
    • good image quality, audio, excellent image quality, wide viewing angles, deep black levels
  4. Panasonic-tx-p65vt30b.33725077

    Panasonic TX-P65VT30

    Best Price: £2,599.99
    (1 prices)

    Panasonic TX- P65VT30B The Panasonic TX- P65VT30B is a Ful
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    (48 scores)
    • audio quality, wide viewing angles, crosstalk-free 3d
  5. Tvs.46126
    (104 scores)
    • dynamic range, video processing, smart remote, screen uniformity

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