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The choice of the printer model depends largely on the use that you are going to put it to. The b...
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The choice of the printer model depends largely on the use that you are going to put it to. The basic types of printers include ink jet, laser or colour laser etc. and there are also other that perform specialised tasks such as printing images etc.

Ink jets are the cheap ones among the printers and the quality of prints they offer is also good for slightly expensive models among them. But, one of their disadvantages is that they use a lot of ink thus increasing the cost per print. Laser printers as well offer prints of high quality at comparatively lesser costs. The initial expenditure on them also does not amount to much. The printing speeds of laser printers are quite high. The cost per print does show some variation depending upon the cosy of the toner.

The start up time is more important an issue as far as printers are concerned rather than the actual time per print. This is especially true if you want to print a small number of documents. The consumption of ink is high in colour laser printers and in ink jets.

The choice of the laser printer depends primarily on your requirements. If you need to print large number of black and white documents frequently, a laser printer would be sufficient for the purpose and they are quite inexpensive as well. The colour printers on the other hand are a bit expensive. One could go for two printers instead of one to suit different needs, but usually one would suffice. The quantity of ink used by the printers today can be adjusted by making use of the draft setting that uses comparatively lesser amount of ink. On the other hand, for high quality prints or for printing photos etc. a larger amount of ink can be used.

Trays that hold paper are the primary accessories that come along with printers and choice regarding the same depends on your. They may have two levels if you need to use two types of paper or a large amount of paper. This also makes printing on both sides of the paper possible. The connection facility of the printer with a LAN is useful as the data generated on many computers can then be printed on one printer itself. Printers also come in different sizes so, you are sure to find a one that suits your requirements without any compromise on the quality.

The prints of the models you have short listed should be compared before finalising a particular model. The cost per print should be compared as well. Remember that a printer with an Ethernet or wireless compatibility allows you great manoeuvrability.

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