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Corsair TX650W / CMPSU-650TX
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Corsair TX650W / CMPSU-650TX

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Overall 8

Excellent PSU, failed after 5+ years

Juan M., Newegg
21 March 2016
  • Summary: I use my PC 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and everytime my old psus failed every year or so from the use. I bought this one 4 years ago and its still working. 100% recommended buy. Edit: After 5 years of use, issues arose and the PSU failed under load.
  • Pros: Excellent PSU, clean power no hiccups, using it 24/7 for 5 years finally failed. Still for a PSU this is a lot of time, recommended buy
  • Cons: Maybe that is not modular, so you have a lot of cables inside of your computer. Failed after 5+ years.
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Overall 8

Lasted 5 years, then problems occurred

Marlin W., Newegg
15 January 2016
  • Summary: Power supply worked great for 5+ years. Powered my computer with dual video cards with no issues. Bought this in May, 2010. A couple of months ago, my computer would not shut down properly. Windows would show it was shut down, but all of the fans on the computer would still run.
  • Pros: Worked reliably for 5+ years
  • Cons: After 5 years (after the warranty expired, of course) issues arose
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Overall 4

RMA after 5 years, notbad

Douglas H., Newegg
16 July 2015
  • Pros: Provided power and didn't fry my stuff.
  • Cons: Started having mechanical clicking at startup or when cold at around 3 years of age. Started groaning under cold start temps this past winter. Just had to RMA it, which should be a bad review, but it has a 5 year warranty, which is boss.
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Overall 2

Dead after 15 mo.

Gabriel C., Newegg
28 June 2015
Overall 10

GREAT PSU 5 years+

Jon M., Newegg
26 March 2015
  • Summary: I bought this psu in January of 2010. Still working great to this day. I haven't tried crossfire with current setup, afraid it might fry it. I had an evga 850w that died on me. Using this PSU till it is rmaed.
  • Pros: Plenty of connectors, worked great on crossfired 7950's oced for 3+ years and oced 2500k to 4.5ghz.No issues or fluctuations, freezing etc... Currently running 5820k at 4.5ghz and single 7950 (unsure if it would take crossfire).
  • Cons: Not Modular
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Overall 10

4years still running

Worth K., Newegg
25 March 2015
Overall 10

Great stuff

Alexander P., Newegg
23 March 2015
Overall 10

Awesome PSU

Daryl P., Newegg
6 February 2015
  • Summary: I've been running this in my system(s) since 2011 and have never had an issue with this PSU. It's reliable, powerful, provides good, clean power and it looks presentable in the case.
  • Pros: Quiet Reliable Clean Power
  • Cons: It's not a more powerful PSU?
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Overall 8

Worked Until today

Steve W., Newegg
21 January 2015
  • Summary: Writing a review now that the PSU died. 5 years, two weeks! RIP Corsair 650TX!
  • Pros: Its Corsair which is known to produce good products On the cheap or 'affordable' list
  • Cons: Poor Cable Management compared to today's PSUs Died two weeks after the '5 year' warranty
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Overall 6

Lasted 4 Years and Died

Aaron J., Newegg
17 January 2015
  • Pros: worked perfect for a number of years
  • Cons: died and took out random usb hardware valued at over $150 and might have token out the rest of my internal hardware as well and might have been the reason my computer had weird hanging issues for two years
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