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Corsair GS700
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Corsair GS700

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Overall 2

Died just past return deadline

David L., Newegg
3 December 2015
  • Summary: I got a lemon, and now stuck with it. $70 down the drain.
  • Pros: Worked for 2 weeks just fine
  • Cons: 3 week drawn out death, that thankfully didn't damage any other parts.
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Overall 6

Died just before 2 years

Shane K., Newegg
23 November 2015
  • Summary: I wouldn't hesitate to buy this PSU.
  • Pros: Quiet, only ran when it needed to, which wasn't often it seemed like. Worth the money invested early on.
  • Cons: While I'm sure what happened to me is far in the abnormal, my power supply suddenly died. Computer failed to boot, random shut downs. New PSU completely resolved the problem.
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Overall 2

Worked great for 12 hours.

matthew c., Newegg
14 November 2015
  • Summary: when it comes to power supplies. perhaps new is best.
  • Pros: it was cheap.
  • Cons: It started emitting a burning electronics smell. after about 12 hours it quit working.
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Overall 10

The little PSU that could!

logan s., Newegg
26 May 2015
  • Summary: Had this thing on a rig for 4 years and counting still hasn't given me a single problem its been taken to LAN parties dropped a few times (inside the case of course) Would definitely buy again great for budget!
  • Pros: Changes colors, Fan isn't on unless absolutely needed, Braided cable, doesn't run very hot even on big loads, quietest PSU i've owned.
  • Cons: Not gold grade not gonna dock a egg you get what you pay for
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Overall 4

Very noisy

Greg P., Newegg
29 December 2014
  • Pros: Plenty of power for an overclocked I7 Haswell system.
  • Cons: As reported in other reviews, fan is noisy. Fresh out of the box, it sounds like the bearings are failing. Buying a Seasonic to replace it.
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Overall 8

Solid Power Supply but Noisy Fan

Kenneth R., Newegg
3 December 2014
  • Summary: Bought this back in September 2014 and just finished putting together a new FX8350 system. I really liked how the Corsair PSU fit and looked in the Corsair case. Everything was perfect for the first 2 days until the buzzing.
  • Pros: I bought this refurb unit on sale at Newegg at a terrific bargain. PSU is rock solid and voltages are spot on and steady. Efficient as it generates very little heat running my FX8350 and GTX470. Cables are all wrapped and all the connectors fit is perfect. Very quiet power supply with the excepti...
  • Cons: My power supply has the infamous annoying fan buzz. Every time the fan cuts on there is an irritating buzz coming from the power supply. This was a common problem with this PSU. Don't know how Corsair could let that one slip past quality control on an otherwise excellent PSU.
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Overall 10

Great PSU for the price!

Benjamin R., Newegg
13 October 2014
  • Summary: The only thing that concerns me is that the PSU fan doesn't spin until this unit gets EXTREMELY hot. If you stick your hand in the case near the PSU, it feels very hot which concerns me a little. I guess heat is not much of a concern for Corsair PSUs.
  • Pros: Very quiet, very powerful, plenty of connectors. Has 3 led colors (to those who are interested). And it comes with a FIVE YEAR WARRANTY! Can't beat that! Very good PSU for a great price.
  • Cons: None so far.
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Overall 10

for refurbished it is a steal

Anonymous, Newegg
3 October 2014
  • Pros: this PSU is in no way broken, as I feared it may have been a DOA.
  • Cons: PSU fan does not fire up under low loads and/or low heat, so not knowing this will scare some
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Overall 10

Corsair GS 700W power supply

Jerry Y., Newegg
28 September 2014
  • Summary: Nice power supply No issues.
  • Pros: Smooth and quiet
  • Cons: None
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Overall 10

Solid Power Supply

Anonymous, Newegg
22 April 2014
  • Summary: Curious to see what the 8 core 220 watt 9590 does to the equation.
  • Pros: I bought this in an emergency situation from a local store. It replaced one that got so hot the cooling fins contorted from the heat. I slapped this one in and it has worked every since quietly supplying power. It survided what the other one could not an AMD overclocking test. My machine is a an ...
  • Cons: Installing the cables was a little challenging and I wish the internal fan on the PSU would come on a little more often so I know it is working.
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