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While making a choice always keep in mind what you exactly require. A DVD stands for Digital Vers...
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While making a choice always keep in mind what you exactly require. A DVD stands for Digital Versatile Disk is a player or recorder that records data onto a disk. A PVR or a Personal Video Recorder records and plays data stored in a hard drive. The difference between these two similar devices is that a PVR is not portable and it does not allow access to unlimited amount of space to store your recordings. On the other hand a PVR offers you various features such as access to all your stored data at a given time and also allows interruptions in the running of a particular program etc.

So the first choice is between DVDs and PVRs. Expensive versions of DVDs are available that include features of both the above devices. The major advantage of a DVD is that with it you never run out of space as a disk that is filled completely can always be replaced by another one. The other advantage is that of portability as you do not need to move the player itself but just the disk. But on the other hand, immediate access to large amounts of memory is not available. Hence, you cannot record something you want to unless you lay hands on an empty disk in time. Also, it does not allow multi-tasking such as recording one movie while playing another at the same time. A PVR on the other hand saves all your data in one disk itself and hence allows you access to any data at any time you please. It can keep recording a program for you while you watch another one. Also, it can record a part of the program for you that you may have missed. But, a disadvantage of storing all data on one disk is that there is a danger of losing all of it in case of some technical trouble. This can be avoided by backing up all your data periodically onto a computer or on DVDs.

While choosing a model, one must keep in mind the video and audio formats it supports. Also ensure that it supports both digital and analogue systems and that it is compatible with your particular TV set.

Proper analysis of all the models you are interested in is advisable before settling onto a particular one. This can be done by comparing the picture and sound quality that they offer.

Also, remember to backup all your data regularly to avoid data loss.

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