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Fractal Design Define R3

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Overall 8
Value for money 8
Ease of use 10
Durability 8
Overall quality 8

Does what it say on the tin (well product description)

itypegoo8..., Ciao
11 August 2012
  • Excerpt: "The Fractal Design R3 is a nice case that allows you to optimize for sound or cooling performance much like other cases but you get a bit more control through the use of foam panels. The case comes with two fans with one positioned in the rear as an exhaust and the other in the front as an air intake fan. In total there are 7 available fan slots; 2 top, 2 front, 1 bottom, 1 rear and 1 side. The two top fans and the side fan come with the foam panels ...
  • Pros: Great concept for sound proofing/cooling, price, smart front panel design
  • Cons: Internal hardware needs to be chosen carefully to fit, door
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Overall 8

Perfect for my tastes

William M., Newegg
16 June 2012
  • Pros: Absolutely love the discrete design. That brushed aluminum door is my favorite feature of every single computer case on the market right now. -Good looking, rubberized feet -Included fans are quiet, I moved them both to the front -Easy cable management -Comes loaded with thumb screws -Removable dust filter under the PSU This case definitely is quiet. I have all 6 fan options installed. Used the 2 that came with it and 4 plain jane rosewill fans. Even after removing th...
  • Cons: It seems they left out the power cord that goes with the included fan controller, which to me was a shame since I was quite looking forward to that. It's also pretty heavy.
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Overall 8

Well worth it

Keith F., Newegg
12 May 2012
  • Summary: Overall, a great case and good value.
  • Pros: Nice-looking case, very quiet and airflow is just fine for the kind of over clocking you get with motherboard auto tuning. The front door isn't a hassle, because the power button and USB ports (including one USB 3.0) are on the top, and these days how often do you need to put in a disc?
  • Cons: The rubber linings in the cable grommets can get pulled out when you push cables through. It's a minor pain to put it back in place, but they should have glued it. And one of the grommet holes is too close to the power supply, moving it a couple of CM to the front would be less cumbersome, cable-wise.
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Overall 8

Almost perfect

Joshua W., Newegg
16 February 2012
  • Summary: So this is a wonderful case to work with, and it was well thought out. I watched the videos and looked it over and I figured it would have to be as quite as my sonata case I've had for five year with a better layout/features. I am slightly disappointed that that is not true. I can easily hear the fans when the computer is on across the room. I'm still in love with this case, but I may invest in some water cooling to get the result I want.
  • Pros: Solid construction, great design, excellent utility for water cooling and extra fans.
  • Cons: Not as quite as I had hoped
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Overall 6

Nice case, but not as quiet as expected

David M., Newegg
27 December 2011
  • Summary: Overall nice case. While it's not as quiet as I expected with stock components, it's quite possible that it has the features needed for an expert to bring it down to silent levels. If I had it to do over again, I might spend a little more for one of the more established players in quiet computing, but as it was more of a goal than a requirement for me, I'm reasonably satisfied with the case overall.
  • Pros: Sturdy construction. Lots of HDD bays, which can fit 3.5" drives with rubber grommets or 2.5" drives without. Lots of fan options, with covers over many of the optional locations to help control airflow. Looks nice, if you're not looking for something flashy. Decent cable management options (though to be honest, this is the first case I've owned that addresses this at all, so I don't know how it compares to other modern cases). Plenty of space. Easy to work with. Incl...
  • Cons: Not nearly as quiet as expected. There's a small vibration that I can silence by pressing gently on the top of the box. I haven't had a chance to delve into what the main culprits are for the rest of the hum, but it doesn't appear to be any one particular fan. It's not *loud*, but it's not any quieter than my previous case, which did not have any special acoustic features. No acoustic dampening on the fan mounts. Must unscrew (and unplug?) entire fan assembly to remov...
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Overall 10

Nice and quiet

Terry C., Newegg
11 November 2011
  • Summary: With the two fans that came with the case mounted in the front, along with a bottom fan, exhaust fan, and CPU fan all running around 1000 rpm's, this case is very quiet...not dead silent, but I have to stop and listen to hear it. Airflow at this setting is sufficient for gaming without the system getting too hot (it's not overclocked). The video card fan does add audible noise if it's turned up much.
  • Pros: Quiet; good cable management; solid construction quality; nice durable finish; decent airflow even without top or side fans installed; nice tactile feel to the power button; reset button is placed out of the way to prevent accidentally hitting it; tool-free installation (except for fans). Really like the clean minimalist appearance.
  • Cons: Be nice if the upper hard drive cage was removable as it is with other Fractal cases; rubber cable hole grommets are easy to dislodge; side panels could fit up a little tighter...all minor quibbles, not worth docking an egg.
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Overall 6

USB 3.0 is not working

J.D. M., Newegg
7 November 2011
  • Summary: For me the power LED is just too bright. I turned it off in my BIOS. I love the layout and if Fractal upped the build quality it would easily be the best case under $200. Also, this case is not tool less. I don't mind because i prefer to screws to plastic spring clips anyday!!!
  • Pros: I've owned a few cases and this is one of the best though out cases I've encountered. The sound deadening is fairly effective, but unlike the competition does not intrude into the interior of the case. The layout facilites good airflow even with lots of hard drives. With Cougar Vortex Fans and a Noctua ND-14 the case is almost silent!!! I love doors on cases and the addition of noise absorbing foam really makes a difference on this model It has a good layout that allo...
  • Cons: The metal frames that hold the harddrives are very flimsy and bend with just finger pressure. The powder coating was very soft in a couple of areas. The front panel USB connector is not working at this time. I've contact Fractal and will update my review if they fix it.
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User Review

Greg King, Techgage
3 August 2011
  • Conclusion: I walk away with two things from my time with the Fractal Design Define R3. The first is that it’s a very well designed chassis. All edges on the interior of the case had grommets around them and even when digging around in the hard drive bays, I never once found a sharp edge. In fact almost all edges are rounded off for additional safety, as well as adding a bit of rigidity to the overall composition of the Define R3.
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Overall 8

Mycket bra

timvus, Prisjakt
1 week ago
  • Summary: Haft mitt chassi väldigt länge, och ser inga större anledningar att byta ut den. Dämpar ljud något otroligt bra. ++ Tyst, så bra ljuddämpat. + Snyggt och stilrent. Fin matt metall, svart på insidan. + Användarvänlig. Enkel att bygga med. Medföljer många thumbscrews. - Gummigrejerna lossnar. - Plastigt dammfilter, gick sönder. - Plastiga fötter. Hade ett som lossnade. - Tråkig fläktkontroller. - Ljuset ifrån powerknappen är något starkt.
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Overall 4

Knappt godkänd

hanjou, Prisjakt
13 December 2013
  • Summary: sidoplåterna var extremt svåra att öppna, fick upp det tillslut genom att knacka på chassit, och dra en kniv för att få bort färgrester. chassit är aldeles för tunt vid den bakre delen jämfört med antec p180. gummi skydden losnar väldigt lätt vid kabeldragning. gummi plopparna för nättagget är väldigt dåligt limmad. chassit är väldigt snyggt men kommer inte att köpa en fractal som nästa chassi.
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